Welcome to the World of Alexandria

First game in a three part series, you play as the protaganist, Cartuga, who was inspired by the tales of his Grandfather and his adventures into the New World. Realizing that you have the potential to become an adventurer like him, you stumble upon the story about a forest nearby your village that was said to be the first place the Angels have walked on the planet. Now you must go through the forest and Banish the Forest Demon once and for all!

  • A Simple RPG that is made to be finished in under an hour.
  • Enjoy the simplistics storyline that will eventually evolve into a larger one!
  • Stock RPG Maker MV graphics and music for the nostalgia feel.
  • Created with the purpose on learning the engine

Play Anywhere!

Play anywhere whenever you access to a web browser! That includes IE/Edge, Firefox, Chrome and many more. With an active internet collection and a strong enough device you can play this on your Mobile Device! Coming soon is a Windows/Mac Standalone game so you can play this offline.

Current Version: 1.0

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The Team

Nikki Xaysanasy: Lead Developer & Concept Design

Jordan Duron: Storywriter & Beta Tester

Ryan Bratton: Beta Tester